LeafSpring School at Hanover Medical Park


The Get Well Place is a great addition

“Getting through the work day is easier knowing our son is in a caring, nurturing environment where he is thriving! It is reassuring to know nurse Zina is on-site for answering medical questions and checking in when extra care may be needed!

– Preschool Parent; Julia and Scott Bennett

True Experts in Child Care

“Rainbow Station changed not only our children’s lives, but our family’s life for the better. We bounced among multiple day care centers after our move from Maryland to Virginia. Our oldest struggled at the first center, our youngest at the second, and we were at a third for only 4 hours. We were scared and uncertain of where to go and who could help us. As a mother, I dreaded the ‘pick up hour’, always fearful of the bad news ahead. Rainbow Station changed all of this for us. We FINALLY received solutions instead of problems. They gave us ideas and tactics to use at home that would carry over into a positive experience throughout our children’s day. We received helpful advice for our rambunctious precious boy and strong willed little girl. And most of all, my children receive real love and care. They are true experts in child care and development. I cannot begin to thank Rainbow Station and it’s incredible staff enough for giving us hope and new outlook on what my amazing children are capable of.

–Preschool Parent; Mandy Mirzaie

Communication is the Key

“I would just like to say that as a new parent at Rainbow Station, I cannot say enough great things about Mrs. Marion and Mrs. Shelby.  They are both so professional and positive!  I have been so impressed with the amount and quality of communication I receive as a parent on a regular basis.  I always feel like I can ask questions and look forward to the familiar faces each morning and evening.  I feel as though the staff team at Rainbow Station has delivered on ALL of the promises and commitments made to me during the inquiry and interview process!  Thank you for taking such good care of Caroline!  PS – I am SO SO proud that Caroline can say the entire Pledge of Allegiance after just attending Rainbow Station for 2 weeks!  My parents gave her a big round of applause this weekend as she recited it with her hand over her heart.  Absolutely wonderful!

–Preschool Parent; SB